Stair components

Full range of stair components are being produced from very good material. Our Oak is seasoned 1-1,5 year before kilning. Product is ideal colour matched and perfectly straight.


Sections: 90x90; 82x82; 117x117mm  
Lengths:. up to 4200mm
Quality: defects free, excellent colour match.
Construction: 2 ply's, solid on the length  
Material: European Oak

Strictly controlled lamination process, allow us to offer better product than everybody else. Why? After turning you will see no difference between 2 pieces, and no lamination line.


Section: 41x41 or 32x32 
Lengths: 895 or 1100mm
Quality: defects free
Construction: can be solid or laminated (2 piece) 
Material: European Oak

Equal size radiused corners (r=1.5mm). Radiussed edge blend smoothly into the adjacent flat surfaces with no signs of undercutting or witness marks.

Spindles are also available as rough sawn oak elements 50x50 and 38x38. Lengths 900 or 1100mm


Thickness: 27 or 34mm  
Widths: 230/245mm  
Lengths: 3600/4200/4500/4800mm
Quality: defects free on A face, small defects allowed on face B. Excellent colour match.
Construction: Veneered,  finger-jointed Oak core inside. A side always with one, solid piece veneer
Material: European Oak

If you want imitation of solid strings, which is better quality and cheaper, this is best option ever!


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