Door & window scantlings

Prefabricated laminated 3ply or more on the thickness door and window oak and pine scantlings. We offer wide range of available section dimensions. FSC® (FSC® C006706) Certified.


Highest quality hardwood and softwood timber, free from all defects.
Main species are oak and pine but we can also work in beech and spruce.


Layer laminated scantling with D4 class waterproof adhesive. Timber moisture 12% +/-2%.


Quality of our products meets all European standards in construction laminates.
Our products can be used for production of highest quality doors and windows.


All European profile systems are available.
We usually work with British, Scandinavian, Italian scantling systems.
Also all other unusual sections are available on special order.

Typical dimensions: 61x61, 63x63, 61x71, 71x71, 71x86, 71x96 etc.
Typical length for finger-jointed scantlings is 6m long and for solid up to 3m long.


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